List of Bolgatanga Polytechnic Courses and Programmes

Are you looking for the list of courses available at the Bolgatanga Polytechnic (BPOLY )? We have researched and published the list of availableBolgatanga Polytechnic courses/programmes offered at BPOLY that has gained National Accreditation Board (NAB) accreditation.

The following are all the list of Courses and Programmes offered at Bolgatanga Polytechnic (BPOLY ) and available for admission.

B.  HND Programmes in Bolgatanga Polytechnic

The official language of instruction at the Bolgatanga Polytechnic is English, and all the High National Diploma (HND) programmes are taught in English.

Applied Science and Arts

  1. HND Statistics
  2. HND Hotel Catering & Institutional Management
  3. HND Ecological Agriculture
  4. HND Industrial Art

Business and Management Studies

  1. HND Accountancy
  2. HND Marketing
  3. HND Secretaryship & Management Studies
  4. HND Procurement & Logisitics Management


  1. HND Agricultural Engineering
  2. HND Civil Engineering
  3. HND Building Technology

Non-Tertiary Programmes

1. Diploma in Banking Technology & Accounting (Evening School)

2. Diploma in Business Administration (DBA) (Evening School)

3. Diploma in Computerized Accounting (Evening School)

4. Diploma in Business Studies (DBS) Programmes:

  • DBS Business and Management Studies option

  • DBS Accountancy option

  • DBS Secretaryship and Management Studies option

List of Bolgatanga Polytechnic Departments

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